The Difference Between Personal Assistants and Virtual Assistants

How different are personal and virtual assistants?

Many small business owners are electing to hire a virtual or personal assistant to help organise themselves and their business. An assistant can play a vital role in any successful business, but it’s important to decide whether a virtual or personal assistant is more appropriate. But what are the main differences between the two?

Location, Location, Location

A personal assistant will be based in the office or workplace with other staff and the boss. This is clearly fine if the business has actual premises to work from. However, when space is an issue, an Asset Virtual Assistant could be the answer. They will work remotely for the company, often from their own home.

Of course, if a particular task warrants it, then a virtual assistant could go into the office or place off work to complete that job. However, this wouldn’t be a regular occurrence.

Lower Costs

An employer would need to provide their personal assistant with all of their equipment, which could prove to be expensive. Not only are there computers to think about, but stationary, telephone, furniture – the list goes on! However, an Asset Virtual Assistant would provide all of their own equipment, eliminating the cost and worry for the boss.

Asset Virtual Assistants are also self-employed, so are actually running a business themselves. Not only does this mean that they are out to impress any potential client, but they are also more flexible than a personal assistant. They can vary their hours and only need to be hired when the employer needs them for a particular job. 

The Logistics

It’s clear how a personal assistant would go about their working day. They are on hand to take minutes, organise their boss’s diary, type a letter or contact a client. A virtual assistant needs to use many different communication channels to get their job done. This is much easier in the era of the internet, email and smartphones – just one click or call and you’re in business!

So there are many advantages to hiring an Asset Virtual Assistant as opposed to a personal assistant for any small business owner. The amount of money saved could be vital to a company that is just starting out and doesn’t need that support five days a week. Virtual assistants aren’t chained to the normal 9-5 hours and could provide assistance out of regular working hours if that was required. 

In addition, a virtual assistant would work with many different clients, which would enable them to gain a wide range of skills and information. Their contacts could also be valuable in terms of making connections between clients. Indeed, a virtual assistant would be an asset to any business. The only downside? You might have to make the tea yourself!

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